Some pupils of Hoejby School were asked to talk about their confirmation day. Here are some of their opinions:
The best about our confirmation: The gifts and to become man. J
My presents
· Money
· 2 laptops
· A lot of clothes
· And other stuffs

What is best about my confirmation:
It was the presents and my family and friends came to my confirmation
I got great presents and a lot of money
We eat some really nice food.
It was a good confirmation


The best about my confirmation was that I got a lot of money and presents. And I was together with my family and friends. I got 12.000 DKR (1600 Euro) and a big television.


The best about my confirmation:
The best was the money, and the party, and the food. And that everybody was happy.

The worst about my confirmation:
There was no bad things. Everything was good that day. Also the weather.

Blue Monday:
It is the day after our confirmation. The all class went bowling, playing crazy golf and driving go cart. After that we eat, and go to the city and visited Mc. Donalds. Together with girls and some friends. ;)


The best about my Confirmation was all the speeches, the delicious food, the gifts and to become a man J

My gifts were:
2046.666 Euro
A portable computer
Some clothes and a bracelet in silver.

To become a man:
In Denmark we say that when you have been Confirmated you become a man and you can drink alcohol, I was told so in a speech with the dinner, it was my brother who said it

My Baptism

I am not I very much of a believer, but I did get baptised mostly because of that my family always has bean baptised and because of the gives. In Denmark the baptism is both a thing in the church and a party were the boy or girl there’s baptised

To me faith is important since I have something to believe in. When I said yes at my confirmation I could feel that I was denying the devil and swore my faith to god.
My confirmation was a great day for me. The presents didn’t matter much; it was more like the whole day that was great, with my family and friends celebrating the day.
The day was filled with speeches, songs and random entertainment and of course very tasty food. It is a day I will remember for a very long time.