On 7 March students of C class, accompanied by two teachers of our school, visited the Metropolite Pavlos of Kozani for an interview in frame of the etwinning project. The Metropolite welcomed us with cordiality and he answered with patience in each question of the students. He gave us the opportunity to get to know him better and he talked to us with simplicity and love. Finally he gave us his wish, and as a gift lemons and oranges that he brought from his homeland. From this visit we will always remember his advice to the young people, to search continuously and seek the truth, without remaining in the surface of things and that the link between all people of independent religions is love and friendship.
Read a part of this interview:
Why don’t young people go to church?
Young people have their own way of behaving through ages. So it’s a usual phenomenon. If young people have Christ inside their soul, growing up they will get on well with the clergy as well. Young people have no need of telling off but of love, sympathy, discretion and advice. I’m doing my best to bring young people close to church. I’m trying to persuade everyone of them that God is everywhere and in every man’s heart.
Which is the biggest problem nowadays?
The biggest problem is that people don’t have principles, values and ideals, because of materialism. They are after material pleasures, so they became cruel. Priests through charities and sermons make efforts to persuade young people to come and believe Christ’s words. We must wake up the spirit of the people.

How can this be possible?
Just by having an open mind to the calling. If you want to be close to church you’ve got to be present. Every neighborhood has got a Sunday school. It’s purpose is to make young people be more social and friendly to each other and to their community?

Why do Orthodox priests wear black clothes?
It’s an old tradition priests to wear cassocks. In these clothes they differ from other people. The important thing of course is not the luxurious cassocks of priests, but a pure heart.
Which is the daily schedule of a bishop?
I spend morning in my office where many believers visit me and listen to their requests. I have some vest at noon and in the afternoon I go around to towns and villages of my area visiting churches. In my free time I like doing the gardening. I find it very creative.
Are there people who want to work for the church and make offers?
Unfortunately there are very few people who give for charity. People in general loose gradually their humanity. In Kozani there’s a home for the aged people, Tialio foundation, where 52 aged people live and 25 people work there all paid by the church. Our local church always raise money and help people in need. Last year an sum of 100000 euros has been offered.
Which is the biggest problem of believers in our society?
It is that many people hold religion up to ridicule. So one of my concerns is to protect young people from those who have betrayed their christening. My prayers are for them.
What’s your advice to young people?
I advice them to look for beliefs and don’t be indifferent to what’s happening in the world. Be eager and find the answers you’re looking for.
What do people of all religions have in common?
There is a true and sincere communication between them. There is love and through love and understanding we can come near God. With Christ’s missionaries we give only love and friendship.