1st stage: Preparing the wood
Firstly, we pick a piece of wood on which we glue a cloth flimsy like gauze. Then, we daub the cloth with a mixture of stucco, glue and water. After the surface dries, we scrub it with glass paper5.jpg
2nd stage: Design – Gilding the background
We draw and sketch. We cover the background with three layers of shellac and then with mixtion. A couple of hours later, after it dries, we glue authentic gold leaves on it. Then by dividers we trace a circle over the saint’s head so as to make a martyr’s crown.

3rd stage: The first layer of color
3ag.jpgWith a small paint-brush we lay brown or dark olive-green on the face, the hands and feet. With the darkest shading off tints of the colors we paint the clothes (green, red, brown, blue etc).
4th stage: Design with the color

We draw the basic lines of the sketch with dark brown and red color on the face, the hands and feet. We also use black or blue in order to draw the basic lines of the clothes.

5th stage: The color of the flesh
We paint the face with the color of the flesh (ochre, red and white) on the first layer of color, where necessary. This lightening occurs gradually from darker to lighter colors. The same technique is followed to paint clothes, buildings and mountains.

paidi1.jpg paidi_2.jpg 14.jpg
6th stage: Lightings
We paint the most important features of the face (flesh) with almost white colour. By this way the face lighted and shines.
7th stage: The last touch
After a few days we cover the icon with a layer of varnish in order to protect the colors.