Religion plays an important role in our lives from the day we are born till our death! First of all a few months after child’s birth a mystery called Baptism takes place. Baptism is a mystery with which the new member of the family enters in the world of j0400125.jpgChristianity. In this mystery all relatives and friends take part.

Later, the person grows up and gets married. 95% of all Greeks choose a wedding in a church and not a wedding in the Town hall. In this wedding the couple follows a certain preparation, which lasts almost two months. The church recogniznecro.jpges the couple and blesses it.

In the end, when the person dies, he/she is buried with a religious funeral. In this way the person is blessed and goes next to God


Agiasmos.jpgWhen the Church blesses an individual, or object, or event with the water, we are affirming that those baptized, their surroundings, and their responsibilities are sanctified through Christ and brought into his Kingdom. In addition to the Great Blessing of Water, there is a Lesser Blessing of Water service which can take place at anytime. Usually, it is celebrated when a home is blessed, on the first day of the month, at the beginning of the school year, as we see in the picture and beginning of new responsibilities.

Religion is not just about accepting a certain set of beliefs, but it is about how we live our lives. How we live is of great importance. Throughout the entire Bible we find different places where God addresses the way He wants His people to live. God gives us these commands to guide us to the best. If we want to have an influence in our world, country, community, and family we first have to allow Jesus to influence our lives. There are five fundamental ideas in Christian life: Charity,patience,Pray, Probity, Solidarity.

The way we use our money. When things are going well and we have few concerns, we should use our blessings to bless other people, that is the Christian way of doing things. Give money to missions and charities, donate food and clothing to help the poor, and do what you can, to make things as fair as possible. When things are going well in our lives provides us with the opportunity to help other people in their time of need.

How we respond to trouble. The key here is patience. We need to remember that a time is coming when God will make all things new and life will be like it is supposed to be. Until then we have to be patient.

How we respond to difficulties. Life is tough. Death, divorce, illness, rejection, and various other forms of pain have been a reality in your life. Rather than complaining, or passing the blame for these bad things to others, we need to accept them as they come in our way. We must encourage one another and pray, that is the only way to make it through these tough times.

Keeping our word. If we are faithful in our commitments and do our best at our responsibilities, we provide people with fewer things to accuse us of. We will show them the type of people we are and force them to respect us.

Watching out for each other.Watching out for each other. Not everyone who becomes a Christian stays a Christian. This means that we have to care for each other, encourage one another, pray for each other, help each other, teach each other, and love one another.